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About our doctors

David Ralph

Mr David Ralph

Mr David Ralph is a leading Consultant in the field  of Andrology. He is a Professor of basic science with many PhD students and a Senior Lecturer at the Institute of Urology, London. David’s main areas of expertise are penile implants, total genital reconstruction, peyronies disease and male infertility. and is internationally recognized for his work. He is the biggest penile implanter in the UK and Europe. He is an accomplished microsurgeon who established and teaches on the Royal College of Surgeons Microsurgery for Andrologists course. He has previously been President of the British Society for Sexual Medicine (BSSM) and Andrology Section of the British Association of Urological Surgeons (BAUS). He is currently the President of the European Society for Sexual Medicine.

Antoine Faix

Mr Antoine Faix

Mr Antoine Faix is a leading Consultant Andrologist in France. He specializes in all areas of male sexual and reproductive health. He is currently  the Directeur Centre CESAME (Centre Sexologie-Andrologie de la Méditerranée). He is a Membre de l’AFU (Association Française d’Urologie) et du comité d’Andrologie,  Membre de l’AIHUS (Association Inter-Hospitalo-Universitaire de Sexologie) Membre de l’ESSM (European Society of Sexual Medecine) et du comité de chirurgie. He also specializes in penile implants, urological cancer, erectile dysfunction and male fertility. Antoine has published numerous articles in all uro-andrological areas and is a widely known through-out Europe.

Rados Djinovic

​Mr Rados Djinovic

Mr Rados Djinovic is the international known protégé of the late Sava Perovic and has continued to carry out surgeries at the prestigious Sava Perovic Foundation in both Belgrade and Serbia. Rados has performed surgeries at the foundation which have not been done anywhere else in the world which has put him and his team in genito-urethral reconstruction league of their own. Rados is a member of EUA (European Urological Association), ESGURS (European Society of Genito-Urinary Reconstructive Surgeons), ESSM (European Society of Sexual Medicine), ESAU (European Society of Andrological Urology), ESPU (European Society of Paediatric Urology), and the WPATH (World Professional Association for Transgender Health) He specializes in Male and female uro-genital reconstructive surgery, Paediatric uro-genital reconstructive surgery and Transgender surgery.

Daniel Chevallier

Mr Daniel Chevallier

Mr Daniel Chevallier, a Surgeon urologist is specialized in Andrology and in different areas of the surgery anogenital Urinaire (penile Implants, Peyronie’s disease and male Infertility…) Professor at the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis, he co - leads a National teaching of surgery of the rod.He is a member of the AFU (French Urology Association), the National Academy of surgery, ACS (American College of Surgeons) and the AUA (American Urology Association)Daniel Chevallier is also the author of several publications in scientific journals references and involved in many clinical research programs and basic research in Andrology.

Carlo Bettocchi

​Mr Carlo Bettocchi

Mr Carlo Bettocchi was born in Rome (Italy) and is Urologist since 1994 and Chief of the Centre of Urological Andrology at the Polyclinic Hospital of the University of Bari, Italy, since 1996. Carlo is the author of more than 100 publications and chapters in national and international journals and books, and he has been an investigator on several protocols in the field of uroandrology.  He is secretary of the Italian National Observatory on Gender Dysphoria (ONIG), Treasurer of the European Society of Sexual Medicine (ESSM) and on the executive committee of Andrological Section of the European Association of Urology (ESAU). His main research interests and clinical activities are in the areas of erectile and sexual dysfunction, male infertility and gender dysphoria.

About the clinic

The MHISC is a collective group of five International and European recognized surgeons. Leading experts from England, France, Italy and Serbia have been brought together to establish a global centre of excellence in the fields of genital and urethral reconstruction, erectile dysfunction (penile implants), peyronie’s disease, genital reconstruction for trauma. 
The idea is to create a base in Europe which will carry out the above surgeries and treatment in a bespoke, boutique private facility. Patients travelling to the centre would be offered the best treatment available in a comfortable in luxurious setting.
Given the nature of the procedures performed, confidentiality is paramount and therefore establishing a centre in Europe would allow patients from around the world to travel with discretion. This is particularly the case with patients from the Middle East who are currently travelling outside the Middle East to have their surgeries carried out by our specialists.
Carlo Bettocchi

​Mr Noel Tur - Administrator, MHISC Management Services SA

After a successful carreer in the upper echelons of the retail banking industry, Mr Noel Tur put all of his experience in management and business strategy at the service of this exceptional team.