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Turnkey Solution

MHISC took Premium Swiss Medical Services as a partner to carry out important logistic services to patients travelling to Switzerland to smoothen their trip and rend it a trouble-free and comfortable experience. 
  1. Visa assistance and flight tickets
Upon doctors' agenda and patient's availability, Premium Swiss Medical will organize the patient's trip and arrange for a visa and a flight ticket on the agreed dates. These arrangements include medical air ambulance. 
  1. Coordinate medical appointments
Premium Swiss Medical will take care of organizing the different medical appointments in case the patient needs to visit specialists of other medical disciplines and will arrange the transfer of the patient between doctors to make the patient’s trip the most cost and time effective. 
  1. Plan patient's stay - Accommodation and transfer
In some cases, the patient does not need to stay under long-term medical control but rather follow scheduled medical interventions. Premium Swiss Medical will take care of arranging the most convenient accommodation for the patient and accompanying family. Depending also on the patient’s mobility, an appropriate transportation will be arranged for the duration of his stay together with the accompanying family. 
  1. Welcome
The day of the patient’s arrival, Premium Swiss Medical will welcome him at the airport with the necessary medical arrangements for the patient’s transportation with the maximum care and drive him and the accompanying family to the pre-arranged accommodation. 
  1. Interpretation Services
Premium Swiss Medical arranges a specialized interpreter/escort to accompany the patient during the period of his treatment.
  1. Special services
As we consider every patient is unique and has specific needs, Premium Swiss Medical will make sure to fulfil the patient’s needs 24/7.
  1. Excursions
In some cases, the patient does not need to stay in the clinic all the time. Premium Swiss Medical will organize excursions in Switzerland and Europe according to patient's health condition and needs.
  1. Departure
At the end of the treatment and the healing period, an agent from Premium Swiss Medical will accompany the patient and his family to the airport, provides airport assistance, tickets, luggage and registration formalities as required to make the departure as smooth as possible