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About Men’s Health International Surgical Centre

The MHISC is a collective group of five International and

European recognized surgeons. Leading experts from

England, France, Italy and Serbia have been brought

together to establish a global centre of excellence in the

fields of genital and urethral reconstruction, erectile

dysfunction (penile implants), peyronie’s disease, genital

reconstruction for trauma, cancer and male infertility.

The idea is to create a base in Europe which will carry

out the above surgeries and treatment in a bespoke,

boutique private facility. Patients travelling to the centre

would be offered the best treatment available in a

comfortable in luxurious setting.

Given the nature of the procedures performed,

confidentiality is paramount and therefore establishing

a centre in Europe would allow patients from around the

world to travel with discretion. This is particularly the

case with patients from the Middle East who are

currently travelling outside the Middle East to have their

surgeries carried out by our specialists.

Ideally located between Geneva and Lausanne, Clinique

de Genolier offers sweeping views of Lake Geneva,

Mont-Blanc and the Alps. A presidential suite and junior

suites furnished in contemporary style and “La Table”, a

gourmet restaurant, ensure an exceptional standard of

hospitality for the patients.

With 106 beds and 198 admitting physicians, it is one of

the largest private clinics in Switzerland. Clinique de

Genolier offers specialist medical care, one of the most

up-to-date operating theaters in Europe, an experienced

medical team and premier-quality hotel services.

Booking an appointment

To find out more about how we can help you please fill

out the form on our website contact page